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Brett Kissel –  The Watson Art Centre – 2015

In my last blog (Who Am I Now?) I mentioned that I’d try to write down a list of all of the concerts I’ve been to.  As I sat down to write the list and came to the final tally, I was surprised – I thought I’d been to more than this … but 44 isn’t too bad!

Kid Cudi – Air Canada Centre – 2014

And here they are in no particular order:

  1. Metallica – Exhibition Stadium – Toronto
  2. Faith No More – Exhibition Stadium – Toronto
  3. GNR – Exhibition Stadium – Toronto
  4. U2 – Air Canada Centre Toronto
  5. Coldplay – Air Canada Centre Toronto
  6. Default – Kitchener
  7. Grapes of Wrath – Waterloo
  8. Alan Jackson – Windsor Casino
  9. Tim McGraw – Casino Rama – Orillia
  10. The Killers – T-Mobile Centre – Vegas
  11. The  Tragically Hip – Stratford
  12. The Tragically Hip – Kitchener Auditorium – Kitchener
  13. The Tragically Hip – Winnipeg
  14. Danko Jones – Stratford
  15. Disturbed – Hamilton Coliseum
  16. Theory of a Deadman – Guelph
  17. Elton John – Air Canada Centre Toronto
  18. Billy Joel – Air Canada Centre Toronto
  19. Kenny Rogers – Centre in the Square – Kitchener
  20. Randy Travis – Casino Rama
  21. Simple plan – Stratford
  22. Sum 41 – Stratford
  23. Brett Kissel – Watson Arts Centre – Dauphin
  24. Jordan Macintosh – Watson Arts Centre – Dauphin
  25. Shaggy –  Kitchener Auditorium – Kitchener
  26. Justin Bieber – Air Canada Centre Toronto
  27. Big Sean – Air Canada Centre Toronto
  28. The Steve Miller Band – Canada’s Wonderland
  29. Neil Young – ACC – Toronto
  30. John Mayer – Molson Amphitheatre  – Toronto
  31. Philip Philips – Molson Amphitheatre  – Toronto
  32. Joe Satriani – Canada’s Wonderland – Vaughn
  33. Michael Buble – Budweiser Arena – London
  34. Kid Cudi – Air Canada Centre Toronto
  35. Naturally 7 – Budweiser Arena – London
  36. Sean Kingston – Air Canada Centre Toronto
  37. Dr Hook – Kitchener
  38. Nazareth – Kitchener
  39. Pink Floyd – Exhibition Stadium – Toronto
  40. Big Sugar – Kitchener
  41. Marianna and the Diamonds – Air Canada Centre Toronto
  42. Elton John – Cesar’s Palace – Las Vegas
  43. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Casino Rama
  44. Danny Michel – Kitchener
  45. David Wilcox – Kitchener
  46. SOON – June 25th – U2 – The Joshua Tree Tour – ACC Toronto
The Killers – Grand Opening of the T-Mobile Centre in Vegas 2016
Michael Buble – London – 2014

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Hello and welcome to my blog! I never really thought about starting a blog much before recently, I mean … what did I have to say or offer that would have anything of value? I’m not an expert in decorating; I just have an eye for it. I’m not “The Nanny”, but I am the mom of two lovely, beautiful, driven young women. I can speak to topics such as coming up through the lower ranks of the social financial system, being a teen mom, being an empty nester at 42, highlight some trials, tribulations and exaltations and about how I created a life for myself that I am happy with beyond measure. It wasn’t much before a friend of mine said “you should write a book” that I gave some serious consideration to blogging. My goal, really, is to provide and share some of my experiences, create dialogue and maybe help a few people out along the way. I welcome your comments, questions and ideas about what you’d like to chat about. Each of my blogs will end with a quote on the topic and a related video. Namaste, T xo

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